Göhde Foundation: Music

While having been founded end of 2012 with a focus on projects in Africa, targeted to diligently improving the life situation through safe water supply e.g. by creating new water wells, contributing to basic healthcare and to support education, in the year 2017 Göhde Foundation established a second activity pillar in the area of music.

In 2017, the Göhde Foundation has established a second activity pillar by including music.

The importance of music in wide areas of life cannot be overestimated. Making music as instrument or singer, especially in a collective like symphony orchestras, chamber orchestras, choirs and other ensembles can be regarded as essential key in character formation of children and young adults.

For this reason, our charitable Göhde Foundation is engaging itself in areas of supporting music as important part of culture and the arts and sponsoring education in this area. The goals of the foundation are being realized by:

  • Talent support of gifted young musicians, especially in context to soloist and concert careers
  • Granting of advancement awards and scholarships
  • Support of educative music projects with a focus on integrative and holistic approaches for children, adolescents and young adults
das junge orchester NRW

[Image Source: das junge orchester NRW]